APG & Co一个小的品牌服装店空间设计

2023 年 2 月 14 日


我们为(APG & Co)设计的是一种对立元素的表达:破旧但干净,现代但充满活力,原始但抛光。有凹槽的卡拉拉大理石柜台和弯曲的钢店面赋予了这个角落的目的。弯曲的鼓形橱柜和超大的黑檀木门把手向该品牌20世纪70年代的传统致敬,同时展望未来。

Our design for Jag (APG & Co) is an expression of opposing elements: distressed but clean, modern but energetic, raw but polished. Fluted Carrara marble counter and a curved steel shopfront gave purpose to this corner site. Curved tambour cabinets and oversized ebonised door knobs gave a nod to the brand’s 1970s heritage, whilst looking to the future.

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A relatively small and narrow corner site, space planning played a big role in resolving a functional floor plan.

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To breath new life into a brand with a long history in Australia, to reinvent a heritage brand, to create a space that is youthful & energetic and deconstructed

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